Label Services & Campaign / Project Management

We have had stellar success to have clients where we have built their projects from scratch, where we have built the process of songwriting, finding distribution, to building the promotions team to delivering press that has taken those clients to a new elevation.

This process is so rewarding because we have had a hand in the creativity of building what we know what the industry will want and support.

Our ethos of over communication, strategy and partnership really makes for a great success in project management process.

  • Commissioning of writers and producers

  • Re-mixers

  • Artist Development

We will advise and assist you in all of the label requirements including:

  • Negotiating sales & distribution agreements

  • Advice on UK rights requirements

  • Negotiating European licensing agreements

  • Royalty payments and requirements

Prior to release we will source and assist in:

  • Commissioning sleeve design and artwork

  • Creating marketing and promotional strategies

  • Photographers

  • TV & Radio Bloggers

  • Club Promoters

  • Design Companies

  • Video Companies

  • TV Advertising Agencies

  • Manufacturers

  • Supervising product management & manufacturing